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'There is no one-volume book in print that carries so much valuable information on London and its history.' Illustrated London News The London Encyclopaedia.
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The London Encyclopaedia

Books Education Dictionaries Encyclopaedias. The London encyclopaedia by Ben Weinreb 15 August Category: Encyclopaedias. In its first new edition in over ten years, completely revised and updated, it comprises some 6, entries, organised alphabetically, cross-referenced and supported by two large indexes - one for the 10, people mentioned in the text and one general - and is illustrated with over drawings, prints and photographs.

Everything that is important in the history and culture of the capital is documented, whether vanished or extant, from its first settlement to the present day. In stock online Delivery Days. You may also like. Notify Me.

The London Encyclopaedia (3rd Edition) / Edition 3

Caribbean herbs and medical plants and their uses by L. Inserted after the preface in the first volume was a two-page list of the publications used in compiling the work. The preface to the third edition regards Macfarquhar as the editor of the first and second editions as well as of the first half of the third edition, but the preface to the Supplement to the fourth, fifth, and sixth editions says that Smellie edited the first.

The first edition was reprinted in London, with slight variants on the title page and a different preface, by Edward and Charles Dilly in and by John Donaldson in The second edition was a much more ambitious work in both length and scope.

go to site These appeared in parts from June to September , though the dates on the title pages are — The last part of the 10th volume was a supplement that brought the work up to date and corrected errors. There were more treatises than in the first edition, and many new articles, as well as previous articles much increased in length. Further, the treatises were in many cases lengthened by covering not only the practice of the subject concerned but also its history, where ascertainable, and its theory.

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The second edition thus went beyond the accepted scope of a dictionary of arts and sciences, which was why Smellie, who objected to the biographical material, refused to be its editor. As in the first edition, some of the ordinary articles exceeded some of the treatises in length.

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At the end of the last volume, more than four pages listed the chief publications used in compiling the second edition, and the preface pointed out how much more expensive it would be to buy them all than to buy the encyclopaedia. You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience and security.

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